Useful information

What you need to write to the photo shoot?

  • Determine the type of photo shoot;
  • Select the date and time;
  • Select a stylist and discuss the time and cost;
  • Contact photographer for a detailed consultation.

Which of the props you need to take to take photographs?

  • Clothes and shoes that you would like to take a picture (it can be a beautiful dress, shoes, right bodobrnaye in color and style skirt and blouse, the same image can be free style is jeans, T-shirt);
  • Accessories (this may be a different decoration, beautiful jewelery that complement your image and stressed);
  • Props for shooting (it can be a variety of items to complement and jewelry photography, for example, various text LoveStory, Family, Wedding, Our Child, imena.Razlichnye additions such as balloons, flowers, soft toys, animals.

How to choose a photo studio?

In St. Petersburg many comfortable interiors with different photographic studios!

  • You can choose a studio what do you like and is suitable for interior, location, geographically;
  • Listings can be viewed in photo studios fotogruppe Nadejda  Fedorova;
  • Call to book a photo studio and the time and date of the forthcoming survey;
  • Contact photographer for a detailed consultation.

Does the photographer props to hire?

If you did not have the desired props for photography or clothing, costume accessories available for hire at the photographer:

  • Set of dress and shoes - 50 $;
  • Jewelry set (earrings, pendant, bracelet) - 30$;
  • Props various inscriptions - 30$;
  • Seek detailed advice from the photographer.

How does the gift certificate?

If you gave a gift certificate for a photo session:
  • Call and sign up for the photo, indicating the data on who decorated gift certificate;
  • Show the certificate at the beginning of the photographer shooting;
  • In gift certificate includes all administrative services for photography.  
If you want to buy a gift certificate:
  • Call photographer for detailed consultation;
  • Pay and issue a certificate based on the type series;
  • Valid delivery of the city - 30$.

How the photoshoot goes on?

The most important thing in a photo shoot is a good mood, lots of smiles and bright frames!
  • Photo shoot takes place in a supportive atmosphere and prepared;
  • Photographic material is placed on top-end professional photo equipment and canon;
  • In the hour photographer takes pictures of 50-100 Prof.;
  • Working with assistant;
  • Have a car.
  • Deadlines finished material 1 -1.5 months, depending on the workload.
Useful information
Gift certificates